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  • Three Years
    Three years ago today, a "pro-life" activist assassinated Dr. George Tiller at his Church in Wichita, KS. Our coverage, a few days later, of a vigil outside the White House in Tiller's honor was the first video we ever released...
  • We Didn't Listen!
    The traditional media, playing out its role as reactionary in chief, is completely shocked and surprised that air traffic controllers keep falling asleep in their towers. How could this possibly keep happening!?! Transportation...
  • Mayor Gray's Gesture Doesn't Go Far Enough
    A gesture is what it was when DC's Mayor, Vincent Gray, was arrested this Monday on Capitol Hill. The Mayor, joined by several City Council members, was protesting the budget deal which prevents DC from spending its own money o...

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Best When Boring is a deep look at the history and current state of clinic defense in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.


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