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In Maryland, Eyes Turn to PG County

Published: Nov 2, 2010 by Will Urquhart Filed under: Elections Rally/Protest/Demonstration

UPPER MARLBORO: Democrats in Maryland have directed a lot of their GOTV efforts this election cycle towards Prince George's County, an area that President Obama carried with almost 89% of the vote in 2008. Several Democratic candidates, including Governor O'Malley, held a rally in Upper Marlboro late Monday night, making one final push in PG County to urge supporters to vote and volunteer.

Democrats Rally in Silver Spring to Early Vote

Published: Oct 23, 2010 by Will Urquhart Filed under: Elections
Early Vote Rally in Silver Spring on Saturday

SILVER SPRING: Hundreds of people came out for a rally with Democratic candidates in Silver Spring Maryland on Saturday outside one of the early voting centers. This is only the second time that voters in Maryland have had the chance to exercise early voting (the first was this recent primary), and party leaders are focusing large portions of GOTV efforts on educating voters about the new process and getting supporters to cast their ballot early.

And initial turnout numbers indicate that these efforts are working out for the Democrats. Over 55,000 votes have already come in. Prince George's County, one of the most Democratic counties in the state, is showing strong relative turnout.

We spoke with Susie Turnbull, the Chair of the Maryland Democratic Party, and Congresswoman Donna Edwards from Maryland's 4th District, just after the rally. Both Turnbull and Edwards told us that they expect turnout to increase because of early voting and urged people not to wait until election day to fill out a ballot.

When I asked Mrs. Turnbull whether or not early voting benefits Democrats more than Republicans, a common theory, she replied, "Early voting benefits all Maryland voters."

Congresswoman Edwards and I also spoke briefly about the Citizens United ruling, a topic we discussed over the summer at Netroots Nation as well. I asked her if she still has hope that Congress will take action to curb political spending on elections. The Congresswoman Edwards has sponsored a Constitutional Amendment to give government the right to restrict corporate, political spending. She told me that in the 2010 election cycle "We're seeing the effects of this decision."

So far, the Chamber of Commerce and American Crossroads have each spent over $20 million on elections, almost exclusively to help Republicans, from anonymous contributors. 

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