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Faith=No Muslims. Charity=No Government Spending. Hope=No Obama.

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Check out Pam Spaulding's post at Pam's House Blend for more thoughts and discussion.

Hey folks! So, it's Sunday and I was up late working, so we are going to keep this brief. Yesterday we sent cameras to Glenn Beck's 828 rally and Al Sharpton's rally and march. We posted a handfull of videos from each. But first, a personal comment, if you don't mind. My parents and grandparents were civil rights activists (not to mention anti-war activists and labor organizers). On the same grass where we stood yesterday, my mother stood 47 years ago to watch Martin Luther King Jr. declare his dream for the world. I highly doubt anyone will remember yesterday the way my mother remembers 47 years ago.

We will begin with Beck's event (lots more videos below the fold):

As everyone knows by now, the crowd at Beck's event was pretty big. As bernardpliers points out, it was no 500,000, but it was still pretty big. I talked to a bunch of folks, had some good, and some not-so-good, conversations. I am not going to ty to sum up everything I heard other than to say this: for a non-political event, we heard little but talk of politics. And the reason we heard little but politics is because the statement "restoring honor," is being used as a political statement. Faith=No Muslims. Charity=No Government Spending. Hope=No Obama.

Another observation about Beck's rally, I have never, ever, ever, heard so many people worried that we are going to take their words out of context. We assured folks we would not, but it became such an issue that for the first time we told folks, "Anyone in our videos, if you feel we took your words out of context, you can send me an email and we will run a explanation from you, unedited. I can't guarantee we won't respond, but we will run the quote." Frankly, I think they are completely justified to have that concern (See: Sherrod), I have just never witnessed it on such extreme levels. That being said, we posted raw footage. No one can claim we took their words out of context. I believe I gave everyone I talked to a fair opportunity to make their voice heard.

Last observation, for a group of people who were, supposedly, reclaiming the civil rights movement, they sure did a good job avoiding the subject. Not one person we spoke with brought it up.

Meanwhile, in another part of town...

A little reminder of how the original teabaggers got away with it...

Last, but certainly not least, a message about REAL taxation without representation:

Check out this great picture of the size of the march (h/t to Patch Adam at Daily Kos for finding this). And here is the comment from Nancy, who posted the picture:
Cropped close-up from the previous photo to show how far back the crowd extends -- and it stretched at least as far in front of me.


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