Greg Dworkin - Combating Anti-Vaccine Sentiment


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Greg Dworkin- Combating Anti-Vaccine Sentiment. From Sum of Change's coverage of Netroots Nation 2010. For more coverage of Netroots Nation go to http://www.sumofchange.comFrom panel:
Supporting Science, Benefiting Society
THU, 07/22/2010 - 9:00AM, Miranda 3-4
Despite the "Republican war on science," scientific research and education continue to advance. In the last year, the Large Hadron Collider began operation as the most powerful particle accelerator on Earth, the Hubble Space Telescope was given new life, pandemic flu was averted thanks to public health campaigns and in spite of anti-vaccine denialists, climate change legislation made unprecedented advances even as emails stolen from a climate researcher gave the public a confusing view of science's innerworkings, and statewide science standards were found to require more and better evolution lessons than ever before. Scientific and technological advances require not just scientific experts, but an engaged public that appreciates the value of science and policies that encourage and support cutting-edge science education and research. A panel of scientists will discuss steps concerned citizens can and have taken to ensure scientific advances continue for the betterment of society.
PANELISTS: Camron Gorguinpour, Erik Conway, Greg Dworkin, Naomi Oreskes, Josh Rosenau



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Video title: Greg Dworkin - Combating Anti-Vaccine Sentiment
Category: Netroots Nation Netroots Nation 2010
Submitted by: Will Urquhart

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