Rep Jerry Nadler Matthew Alexander and Adam Serwer on Closing Gitmo


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'Rep Jerry Nadler Matthew Alexander and Adam Serwer on Closing Gitmo' From Sum of Change's coverage of Netroots Nation 2010.  For more videos, go to

From panel:
Close Gitmo and Use our Legal System
SAT, 07/24/2010 - 1:45PM, Miranda 1-2
A year and a half after his inauguration, Obama has failed to deliver on a key counterterrorism goal: to close Guantanamo Bay. Indeed, with new revelations about a secret prison in Bagram, proposals to legalize indefinite detention, and the festering debates about where to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, questions about how and where we should hold detainees remain contentious. This panel will revisit these questions and discuss ways to close Gitmo and return to the rule of law in our detainee treatment.
PANELISTS: Adam Serwer, Matthew Alexander, Marcy Wheeler, Rep. Jerry Nadler, Vincent Warren



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Video title: Rep Jerry Nadler Matthew Alexander and Adam Serwer on Closing Gitmo
Category: Netroots Nation Netroots Nation 2010 World
Submitted by: Will Urquhart

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